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Brits want more time off to go on holiday

The majority of the British public wish they had more time off work to go on holiday.

A study by Danish ferry company DFDS has revealed that 75 per cent of Brits would love to head abroad more often if they could get to have more than the statutory 28 days off of work.

And it was 25 to 34-year-old people who were most likely to wish for more time off - with a whopping 90 per cent wanting this. And over two fifths (42 per cent) of people confessed stress of work and life was their main reason to get away.

Ruth Nightingale, a Gestalt Psychotherapist said of findings of the study, said: "The anticipation of having a break and creating some distance from daily demands can alleviate stress. In our society, between the ages of 16 and 34 are the times when we are holding the most expectations of ourselves and others. As we grow older our needs and activities change and we are more able to stand back from the pressure that the younger adults feel. We are simply removing ourselves from the daily demands of work and/or routine. Most of us have rules or introjects that we live by, often identified by 'I should...', or 'I shouldn't...', or 'I ought to...', that can be relaxed when we are away from our work, social and familial responsibilities. We have permission to do something different."

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