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Travellers want to be 'in charge' of holidays

Travellers want to "be in charge" of their holidays.

A report on Key Trends in Online Travel has found that consumers nowadays are quite keen to take charge of their own experiences on their vacations and want things that are "exclusive" to them.

They shared in their report: "Travellers now no longer want a standardised product or service which is sold to the masses, they want to be in charge of how they experience and consume their vacation, whilst feeling that their own experience is exclusive to them. Online travel can offer this in abundance."

And another key feature of online travel was creating a "more personalised experience", despite the increase in technology.

They added: "Travel companies now face two major challenges from online distribution: control over price and availability and the management of website content. To maintain price control, tourism companies must structure rates effectively according to the demand in the market and monitor competitiveness in a very much price driven industry. Online loyalty programmes are now seen as a key way to drive customer loyalty and ensure that a consumer does not switch to a different provider through creating a more personalised experience. It is imperative for tourism companies to keep their online reward programmes constantly updated, offering new personalised experiences which have been formed through effective data collection by tracking a customer's online journey or by utilising chatbots when they visit the website."

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