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Holiday travel will result in 12 arguments

Holiday travel will result in 12 arguments, on average.

A study has found that Americans will argue with their travel companions at least a dozen times during a break away, with worries about being late topping what people are most panicky about.

Carried out by OnePoll for parking company SpotHero, it was revealed that people like to put a whopping 102 minutes extra on their journey incase of unexpected delays, with stress starting for the average trip five days in advance.

Mark Lawrence, co-founder and CEO of SpotHero, said: "While holiday travel can be stressful, there are some simple ways to set yourself up for success and minimise headaches, reduce travel time and save money in the process. Checking into your flight early, paying bag fees online, and booking a guaranteed parking spot near the airport a few days in advance can all go a long way to reducing anxiety on the busiest travel days of the year."

Meanwhile, a previous study revealed over half of Australians find booking holidays stressful. Luxury Escapes has revealed that a whopping 56 per cent find it stressful purchasing their holiday whilst 1 in 10 admit that they are left feeling annoyed and inconvenienced during the planning process.

And with 85 per cent of Australians revealing they were the ones who had to book the holiday, there are likely to be a lot of stressed people out there. And nearly a quarter, 17 per cent said the responsibility to be the organiser fell on them but it would not have been their choice.

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