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Nearly half of people think you can vacation for too long

Nearly half of people think you can vacation for too long.

A study by the US Travel Association of 4,000 adults has revealed that 49 per cent of people, on average, think it is possible to have too long of a holiday, with this rising to 50 per cent for millennials and dropping to 45 per cent for baby boomers.

However, whilst many feel a holiday could become too long, only 37 per cent of people, on average, are ready to come back to work when the holiday is up.

The Sleep Judge wrote in their report: "Whether you're planning to go away for a few days or a few weeks, there's more to a vacation than making sure you have enough time off or deciding where to go. Traveling can be expensive, and getting the most value out of it means knowing what you want to accomplish. Employees were more likely to feel the benefits of traveling when they took longer trips, either domestic or abroad. And while spending too much time working on vacation can hinder the perks of getting away, checking your email from time to time might help you feel more productive or energised when you get back to work ... Before deciding which destination you'd like to travel to next, you might want to think about what you can accomplish with your time off from work. You might also want to think about what benefits you need most from your time off and whether or not that trip will help you get there, be it more energy, more productivity, more creativity or just more restfulness."

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