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Wasted time away

The average person wastes over a day of their holiday.

A study by Sykes Holiday Cottages has revealed that people tend to spend 17 and a half hours of their seven day vacation deciding what to do, meaning they miss out on over 10 per cent of their break away.

However, this wastage can also come from people feeling they have to do things others want rather than what they want.

A quarter of holidaymakers say they spend far too much time deciding what to do, whilst a similar amount of people admit that their undecidedness causes arguments with their travel companions.

However, people find it difficult to plan their holiday schedules in advance and blame their long work hours, copious amounts of chores and being busy taking care of their children.

And people also feel they are wasting time on holiday when they are stuck in long lines for popular tourist attractions or in amusement parks, for example.

Other things that can make people feel like they are wasting time includes time spent traveling between hotels, researching where to go in the first place and also thinking about work as well as life back home.

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