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February is the best month to travel out of the UK

February is the best month to travel out of the UK.

A study by Tourlane has revealed the best months to head out of the UK and off abroad, with the second month of the year named the best of the 12.

February promises low temperatures, high levels of rainfall and a lack of daylight in the UK, which prompts people to head abroad and somewhere sunny, whilst in August, with it being summer, the UK (usually) has high temperatures and lots of sun. It is also a busy time in the airports as many jet away for summer holidays.

Meanwhile, a previous study revealed that more than a third of people have made travel a part of their New Year's Resolutions.

A study by European travel metasearch engine, Jetcost, has revealed that 34 per cent of Americans have made travel plans and goals already this year as part of their resolutions. A large proportion of Americans are keen to travel abroad this year, with the biggest reason (29 per cent) being that they haven't travelled abroad before whilst 23 per cent admitted they wanted to get out of the United States for their break this year. And 16 per cent people are keen to see more of the world, hence why looking at an abroad destination.

A Jetcost spokesperson said in a statement: "New Year's Resolutions can be easy to make, but sometimes hard to stick to, so it is often best to set yourself an achievable goal. Traveling more is a great target to make, and vacations are a perfect way to take your mind off work and other things. You don't have to leave the comfort of the States to go on vacation though; there are so many different things to see and do right here within the 50 states."

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