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Dive on the Great Barrier Reef from your sofa

Dive on the Great Barrier Reef from your sofa with David Attenborough's interactive journey.

The Australian reef is one of the most beautiful places in the world, home to thousands of different species of marine life.

The clever interactive website takes you through five different key points of the reef, totting up how many kilometres you travel as well as your total sailing time in hours.

The first stop off is what is called the "Perfect Reef" and is home to a huge range of diverse sea life as well as corals and critters. If you so wish, you could even listen to the sounds of the ocean as you "explore" the deep.

The online dive will also give you more of an understanding of how our reefs are being destroyed by climate change, whilst the following points look at the likes of the changing weather patterns of The Global Reef. Whilst violent cyclones can happen here, the wreck of the SS Yongala is providing hope as it has become an artificial coral reef.

Down from here is Heron Island, which is home to the University of Queensland's Heron Island Research Station, before heading to Lady Elliot Island.

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