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Americans want to travel sooner rather than later

Americans want to travel sooner rather than later.

Travel market research by Piplsay showed that US residents are already keen to get out again on the road, both domestically and internationally, amidst the current lockdown period.

Nearly half (46 per cent) of people plan to travel immediately after the lockdown but most of these (over half at 52 per cent) want to travel domestically whilst only 10 per cent want to go internationally.

For those who don't want to go straight away, they are keen to get out as quick as possible and will travel two to three months after the lockdown (26 per cent) whilst a quarter (25 per cent) would travel after six months following the lockdown period.

And most people (53 per cent) are sure airlines, hotels and other parts of the travel and hospitality industries will keep to social distancing measures but 28 per cent of people admit they would prefer to drive themselves and stay with family or friends.

Meanwhile, travel is incredibly popular amongst younger people, with 54 per cent of millennials and 49 per cent of Gen Zers planning to head away when the lockdown is lifted.

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