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Chinese travellers want to head to Wuhan

Chinese travellers are keen to head to Wuhan - despite it being the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic.

A study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Tourism Research Centre and Tencent Culture and Tourism Industry Research Centre found that Wuhan was the top domestic city on Chinese travellers' wish list when the lockdown had been lifted.

Explaining why that could the case, Song Rui, the director of the tourism research centre, told local media: "It could be said that the result of the study embodied the deep emotions from the people from around the country, expressing the public's concerns and supports towards the 'hero city.'"

The topic quickly became a discussion on online forums and social media, with one Weibo user explaining why they would consider travelling to the epicentre: "I think the real reason why netizens would want to visit Wuhan is to see the city that has experienced the historical moments. The epidemic situation has imprinted Wuhan on our minds. We have seen the perseverance and industriousness of Wuhan people."

Thailand was the top of the list for travel internationally, with Russia and Japan coming in second and third respectively.

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