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Travel insurance tips amidst COVID-19

Travel insurance is even more important in the wake of COVID-19.

With the current health crisis gripping the world, the need for travel insurance is now more important than ever but experts are warning people to check the fine print in their policies before heading abroad.

Nicky Kelvin from The Points Guy, an American travel website which gives customers tips and tricks to get the best travel deals, said: "When the World Health Organisation declared a global emergency in response to the coronavirus outbreak, airlines cancelled flights, airports began screening travellers and some countries implemented entry restrictions or quarantine procedures for potentially infected travellers. At the same time, many travellers cancelled, re-routed or postponed their travel to avoid the highest-risk regions and some were disappointed to learn that their travel insurance wouldn't cover their trip cancellation or interruption."

And Nicky has urged people to make sure they have checked any decisions they make against their policy or they risk being out of pocket.

He told the "Trip cancellation and interruption insurance provide reimbursement of a specified amount per person per trip for eligible travel expenses or arrangements that must be cancelled or interrupted. However, policies vary on the definition of eligible reasons for cancelling or postponing a trip and the types of expenses that can be reimbursed. Most policies won't cover you if you simply decide not to travel - even if your decision is based on avoiding an outbreak of illness at your destination."

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