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Airbnb offering virtual tours with local experts

Airbnb's Experiences platform is getting a virtual makeover amidst the current coronavirus pandemic.

The company have unveiled the new virtual travel platform called Online Experiences, which builds on its current offering of connecting local experts to customers ahead of their holiday visit. Now, this can be offered online, allowing people to connect virtually to explore the new place with a local expert, from the comfort of their home.

Catherine Powell, head of Airbnb Experiences, said: "By creating this we felt like we were addressing the biggest challenges that we've got at the moment. One is that we're isolated and we're giving people the chance to connect. And two, there's more unemployment than ever and we're offering people an opportunity to earn an income."

And Catherine feels this will continue even after the coronavirus pandemic, when Airbnb homeowners can raise funds during low season by offering virtual experiences.

She added: "I see there being a real synergy between the two because it's not seasonal. When it's high season and there are all the travellers, the locals can lead experiences. But when it's low season and there is less demand to do the in-person, that's when they can offer the online version."

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