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Two million holidaymakers are willing to swap their domestic travel for their international trips

Over two million holidaymakers are willing to swap their domestic travel for their international trips.

A study in Australia, titled Roy Morgan Leading Indicator Report: Holiday Travel Intention, found that 2.2 million people were keen to head abroad in the coming months, and with travel restrictions still in force due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is definitely potential for these people to head to domestic destinations instead.

Roy Morgan's CEO, Michele Levine, said: "For obvious reasons, overseas holidays from Australia tend to be significantly longer than trips within the country. Our findings show that as of March, almost 2.2 million Australians - 10.5 per cent of the adult population - were intending to holiday overseas in the following 12 months. That's a lot of people, but it pales next to the 10.5 million - just over 50 per cent of the population - who were planning a domestic holiday.

"COVID-19 hasn't only closed our borders to non-essential travel; it has also brought widespread economic hardship and many people have been forced to change their holiday plans as a result. But there is still a major opportunity here for Australian travel and tourism operators, who have been hit particularly hard by pandemic-related restrictions. Canny operators will present these thwarted travellers with options for trips that are longer than the usual close-to-home weekend getaways in order to more closely match the plans they have had to abandon."

The study also found that those planning to travel domestically were looking to stay away for less than four nights in total whilst those wanting to head abroad would be spending nearly 20 nights away.

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