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Mike Tyson: Mayweather is better than most active boxers

Mike Tyson believes that Floyd Mayweather is a better boxer than most active fighters.

Mayweather will return to the ring for an exhibition bout against Logan Paul next month and Iron Mike has suggested that he would still hold his own against top professionals, despite retiring in 2017.

Speaking on his podcast, Tyson said: "Listen, Floyd's a better fighter than all of those guys right now. Floyd right now, even though he's 40-something, he's still better than all the fighters now and he's still fighting a YouTuber. And making more money than the champions are making."

The involvement of Logan and his brother Jake Paul in boxing has been scoffed at by traditional fight fans but Tyson is fully supportive of them featuring in the sport.

He said: "These guys make boxing so awesome. The boxers, the real champions don't have that many views. They'll be happy if they have a million views. These guys are 80 million views. I was like, 'God damn, man. How do you do that?'"

The former heavyweight world champion said: "That's why everybody wants to kill them, because they see this little white guy, blonde hair, blue eyes, getting all the f***ing money, talking all this s***. Everybody wants to kill them. I get envious when I see these guys, I'm like, 'What the f*** are they doing?' That's why you want to kick his a** because you get envious of them, it's easy to hate these guys."

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