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Wayne Rooney to appear in new documentary

Wayne Rooney will speak about his mental health in a new documentary.

The Derby County manager is the focus of the upcoming Amazon Prime doc titled 'Rooney', which will discuss his life and career, and the 35-year-old superstar will also talk about his mental health.

Speaking about the documentary, the man who is England's record goal scorer with 53 goals from 120 appearances, said: "I want people to have a better understanding of me as a person really.

"I wanted to be honest and touch on everything that has happened in my life, which is important.

"If I do it and I am not honest or I don't speak about things, it wouldn't be real, so it was about me coming out and people seeing me and my family for who we are, and not what is being portrayed of us as a family."

Discussing the mental health aspect of the one-off programme, he said: "People talk about mental health - at the time, I did see someone at times.

"It is about realising what was going through your head and trying to cope with the pressure of playing for Manchester United and trying to be successful, playing for your country, then captaining your country and taking a lot of that pressure on as well.

"They will get a real insight into what was going on inside my head.

"There has been a lot of stuff over the last 20 years that has been well publicised and I felt it was important people saw me behind the scenes as a family man, and what it was like growing up in a very tough area in Liverpool.

"This film gives everyone an insight into it."

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