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Andy Murray confident that he will make tournament breakthrough

Andy Murray is adamant that it is just a matter of time before he makes a breakthrough in a tennis tournament.

The British player has dropped to 156th in the world after being plagued by injuries in the past few years but he is convinced that he will make a serious impact at a tournament again soon following his second-round loss at the Vienna Open.

Murray said: "I'm not going to keep losing in the second and third round of tournaments.

"I will get better and I will improve and I will break through in one week, or two weeks, or a few months. It will happen. I obviously would like it to be happening quicker than what it is.

"If I continue on that path and build up a little bit more consistency, be that little bit more clinical and a bit more ruthless, I will start winning more and have some deep runs, but it's tough."

The former world number one also confirmed that he has no plans to play in Britain's Davis Cup ties against France and the Czech Republic.

Murray told reporters: "Davis Cup is something that I'm not planning on for all the reasons I gave the other day. It is possible I could change my mind as it gets closer but I want a proper off-season and spend some time at home with my family.

"Although my tennis is improving there is still stuff I need to work on. It's great to do it on the match court but sometimes you need a little bit of time off it to get a good three or four-week block to work on things in your game to really improve it without the pressure of having to do it in matches. With Davis Cup, that wouldn't really happen, so I'm not planning on it."

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