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Gareth Southgate will use Nations League criticism as motivation for World Cup

Gareth Southgate says he’s “fuelled” by Nations League criticism and will use it as motivation for the World Cup.

The England manager has come under fire for the Three Lions poor form throughout the month after they failed to secure a win in all four games, including two losses to Hungary.

Southgate was the subject of supporter anger during the 4-0 loss to the Hungarians in midweek but has taken the criticism on the chin and will use it as motivation to perform at the World Cup at Qatar later this year.

He added: “Would it make Qatar sweeter? Well, no, you know, to be successful in Qatar would be sweet whatever happens.

“Of course, I'll use it as fuel. Because when you have disappointment and you read negativity and feel the mood, you of course want to fight and prove people wrong.

“But I've done that all my life, so that there's not an extra incentive because of a night like tonight.

“I know nights like this can happen. They're not pleasant. They're not enjoyable. I've seen it with others. But they are the realities of football.

“I have found the 10 days strange in terms of the narrative, as I found the last Nations League strange because I think the context was clear. And I didn't agree with everything that was suggested.

“And I think some of the desire to see open play... we saw tonight that you've got to have the balance of a team right. And you've got to get those decisions right.

“And with a club, maybe if you're at the top, and you've got a long time working with the players, you can play a more expensive game.

“But I think even the top teams, they're bloody good defensively, they're good on transition, the balance of everything is right. So I think the idea that we can just play lots of attacking players and rely on talent to win matches, it’s not the way it is.

“And, you know, that was a reminder to myself tonight in the second half that okay, that's a gamble. You go for a gamble to try to win the game because you think that's important. But what happened can happen.”

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