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Premier League club nearly lost £1 million to hackers

A Premier League club nearly lost £1 million to hackers.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has revealed that the unnamed team would have lost the cash had the club's bank not intervened.

The NCSC's Paul Chichester said: "The impact of cybercriminals cashing in on this industry is very real."

The organisation found that hackers were trying to compromise sporting organisations on a daily basis, often targeting business emails and using ransomware to shut down systems.

Chichester added: "Sport is a pillar of many of our lives and we're eagerly anticipating the return to full stadiums and a busy sporting calendar.

"I would urge sporting bodies to use this time to look at where they can improve their cybersecurity - doing so now will protect them and millions of fans from the consequences of cybercrime."

The hacking incident was one of several highlighted in a report as evidence that sport needs to improve its cybersecurity.

It also explained how a team in the Football League fell victim to hackers who cut off security systems, which blocked turnstiles and almost caused a fixture to be postponed.

In another incident, a member of staff at a racecourse lost £15,000 after trying to buy grounds-keeping equipment from a fake version of eBay.

Sir Hugh Robertson, chair of the British Olympic Association, described the report as a "crucial first step" in the fight against cybercrime.

He said: "This report is a crucial first step, helping sports organisations to better understand the threat and highlighting practical steps that organisations should take to improve cybersecurity practices."

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