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AirPop launch in the UK

AirPop have launched their high-performance face masks in the UK.

The company have released three models - the Light SE, the Pocket, and the AirPop mask for kids – which all boast a better fit and more comfortable breathing.

AirPop have harnessed filtration science and technology innovation to provide a defence against both air pollution and pathogens such as flu and coronavirus, and not only do they offer the same two-way barrier as the best medical and industrial masks, the garments are also stylish, comfortable and wearable.

with Original and Active models coming later in Q4 2020.

Chris Hosmer, Founder of AirPop, said: “Masks provide the first line of defence from airborne threats, but they’ve been largely unregulated, under-designed and ineffective for the consumer market. So we at AirPop set out to change that.

“Because we all have a vital role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19 through our communities, choosing an appropriate mask means it has to both fit and filter well to reduce transmission from airborne particles and droplets.

“With AirPop there is finally an option that protects the rest of us, doesn’t divert critical N95s from healthcare professionals, yet meets the same high quality standards and two-way filtration as the best medical & industrial respirators.”

The Light SE – which has a “lighter than air” feel thanks to its 3D domed structure design – comes in black or white and retails at £9.99, while the AirPop Pocket and Pocket Case also come in black and white and cost £14.99 for a two-pack.

The one-of-a-kind AirPop Kids comes in blue, pink or white and retails at £14.99 for two.

You can find all AirPop multi-use disposable masks at or the AirPop website ( AirPop reusable masks with disposable filters are coming soon.

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