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Google to bring widgets to iOS devices

Google is set to bring a host of new widgets to iOS devices.

Widgets were added to iOS devices - including iPhones and iPads - with the release of iOS 14, and on Thursday (19.11.20), tech giants Google announced they are set to create their own set of widgets for their apps that will work on the home screens of Apple devices.

Google have announced that Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Fit widgets will begin appearing for iOS 14 users in the next few days.

The Gmail widget will allow users to quickly search their inboxes, view unread messages, or compose a new email without having to open the app itself.

Google Drive will make relevant documents viewable from the home screen and allow users to easily search their files, also without having to go to the trouble of opening separate apps like Docs or Sheets, or manually opening Drive.

And much like Apple’s Fitness widget, Google Fit will help users track activity with at-a-glance Heart Points and Steps data.

The company have also said that a new Calendar widget should arrive on iOS devices “in the coming weeks”, whilst a widget for Google Chrome - which will allow for Search, Incognito, and Voice Search capabilities - is slated for an early 2021 launch.

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