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Samsung plan more bespoke fridges

Samsung are planning to increase their offering of bespoke fridges to attract new customers.

The electronics giant saw a global rise in sales of refrigerators and cleaners last year amid the coronavirus pandemic, and one of their areas of growth in South Korea were appliances that could be customised according to size, material and colour.

As a result, they plan to start selling personalised fridges in the US, Middle East and Europe later this year.

Jaeseung Lee, Samsung's president and head of digital appliances business, said: "Customers had few options among products made by a traditional manufacturing system.

"Our way of manufacturing has to be changed for the personalisation of appliances. And that's a big transition."

The company - which also offer bespoke wine coolers and dishwashers - want to come up with more design options by including suppliers and furniture studios in the manufacturing process.

The electronics firm also plan to put more AI software into their appliances and the executive even confirmed they are open to working with rivals Amazon and Google to connect their systems to Samsung's gadgets, rather than just relying on their own voice assistant, Bixby.

Elsewhere at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) - which is being held digitally this year - Samsung showed off a Bot Handy, a robotic waiter and butler that can wash up and even pour wine.

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