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Ghost Robotics releases new dog tail accessory

Ghost Robotics has launched a new dog tail accessory.

The makers of four-legged robots, called Q-UGVs, which provides solutions for commercial and military partners, have upgraded their canine robot with a new adaptation.

The Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail (NAUT), that’s been developed by Onyx Industries, is an underwater propulsion system that’s been created in order to allow the robot to move through shallow streams of water.

Ghost Robotics said in a tweet: “Check out our Vision 60 swimming! Thanks to the talented team at Onyx Industries for creating the Nautical Autonomous Unmanned Tail (NAUT) for us.”

The new upgrade will allow the Air Force, who are already using the Vision 60 robots to patrol Florida’s Tyndall Air Force Base, the ability to patrol its ports too. A place were currently no other machines can access.

The War Zone said: “The system is capable of propelling the robotic dog and speeds up three knots and can operate at full power using a dedicated power source for approximately 35 minutes.

“The ‘tail’ can also continue to function after that by drawing electricity from the robot dog’s own internal power source.”

The animal inspired robot is a work of biomimicry – using a machine to imitate a living creature – making it useful to navigate over difficult terrain.

Previously, the Marine Corps created the Legged Squad Support System, which was a gas-powered kit-carrying mule robot. However it was cancelled for being too loud.

The new robot, however, is said to run on battery which means it can should be able to move over terrain at a much lower volume.

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