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Meta training AI tech for Europe on real live Facebook and Instagram posts

Meta training AI tech for Europe on real live Facebook and Instagram posts

Meta Platforms is training its AI technology for Europe on real public posts on Facebook and Instagram.

This means users' public posts - not including those shared privately with family and friends - will be used to help the Meta AI virtual assistant, Llama, understand "linguistic, geographic and cultural references" in Europe.

Facebook and Instagram users in Europe and United Kingdom will be informed how their content will be used to comply with privacy laws, Reuters reports.

Meta just confirmed it's bringing AI tools to WhatsApp for business users.

At a conference in Brazil, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled its plans to help companies easily reach more people through AI.

The tech giant is "training AI" to assist customers and give them access to new products, as well as using the technology to create adverts on sister apps Facebook and Instagram.

A blog post explained: "AI tools help businesses on WhatsApp better assist their customers and help them discover new products they may be interested in. We’re training AI to respond to the most popular questions businesses receive on WhatsApp, so they can quickly help customers find the answers they’re seeking.

"We’re also integrating AI to help businesses create ads on Facebook and Instagram, reminding customers they left an item in their cart or offering a discount for a purchase they’ve been waiting to make."

Zuckerberg also confirmed Meta Verified is coming to WhatsApp Business in Brazil, India, Indonesia and Colombia.

The blog added: "We’re also beginning to roll out Meta Verified on the WhatsApp Business app in Brazil, India, Indonesia and Colombia. When you see a Meta Verified badge, this means a business has registered their information with Meta. Businesses using Meta Verified receive enhanced account support (including impersonation protection) and can use WhatsApp across multiple devices for their employees.

"You will also see the same Meta Verified badge for these businesses on their WhatsApp Channel and custom WhatsApp page."

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