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DJI Goggles can control drones

A company has created a pair of goggles which allowers users to control a drone with their head movements.

The team behind DJI Goggles have unveiled the accessory, which allows the user to control the flying direction and view of a drone metres in the air.

Paul Pan, DJI's Senior Product Manager, said: "DJI pilots deserve a first-person viewing experience with the same quality, power, and performance they have come to expect from our aerial platforms.

"We fully expect that they will be thrilled with the fun and immersive experience of flying with our goggles. We have refined every element of DJI Goggles to the same standards as our aerial platforms, and we have optimised their connectivity to provide the most amazing drone experience yet."

In Head Tracking mode, the goggles allow the user to use "their head movements to control both aircraft yaw and camera tilt".

They write on their website: "All you need to do is turn left or right to yaw left or right, and straighten your head to stop turning. In Head Tracking Gimbal mode only the gimbal will move without affecting yaw."

Describing the Intelligent Flight mode, they added: "DJI Goggles are a perfect pair with DJI's new Intelligent Flight Mode: Fixed-Wing Mode. In this mode, the aircraft doesn't turn left or right but instead flies forward with enough rotational movement for realistic flight simulation.

"Combined with Head Tracking Mode, you can use your head to control the Mavic Pro for a fully realised flight experience. An AR trajectory prediction feature in Fixed-Wing Mode makes using this mode in complex environments safer. Other Intelligent Flight Modes include Terrain Follow, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Cinematic Mode and Tripod Mode."

The DJI Goggles - which connect up to the Mavic Pro drone - has "two 1920x1080 screens providing more than twice the amount of pixels of a typical 2K single screen" and a comfortable headband for easy wear.

They shared: "A unique solid headband design balances and spreads the weight of DJI Goggles around the head evenly, minimising pressure on the face and keeping them comfortable to wear for hours.

"People who wear glasses are also able to wear them comfortably.The screen portion of DJI Goggles can be flipped up to glimpse the real world, or detached entirely for easy storage and portability."

DJI Goggles cost $449 and are compatible with the Mavic Pro drone, which retails for $999.

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