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Dating device matches partners together

Inventors have created a device which tells someone who's attracted to them.

The team behind Ripple promises to revolutionise the dating industry with the device that gives "sensorial feedback" when someone shows you attention.

Describing the device on their website, they write: "Ripple is an accessory that encourages the experience of courtship in daily life, by scanning your surroundings to work out who is attracted to you. Ripple widens women's perception by giving them physical sensations to point out who is showing interest in them.

"If the interest is mutual, Ripple perceives these natural reactions and amplifies the flirtatious language by moving in response to the suitors gaze. Our increased uptake of digital technology has led us to be more immersed in a virtual world. We are less present in real life, making it harder for us to communicate with others face to face.

"Although we are constantly surrounded by people, we behave as if we were on our own. We believe that our eyes always communicate, longing to connect with others. Ripple enhances this channel, and expands our awareness of what is happening around us."

The device - which can be worn on the shoulders - has two built-in cameras that sense who is looking at you. Once it finds someone looking your way, it prompts you to change your body language to seem more confident and attract the other person.

From there, it taps you on the chest when you are facing the interested person and gives off a warm sensation when you make eye contact with the prospective partner.

It has been created by four designers from the Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) joint double masters course at Imperial College London and The Royal College of Art.

So far, the team have created two different prototypes. One uses 3D printed parts made from laser cut printer acetate film whilst the second one was made from bent wires, complete with plastic tubing, which is placed over the wearer's arms like sleeves on a shirt.

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