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Hyperloop One announce European routes

Hyperloop One have unveiled their nine shortlisted European routes for their future pod travel.

The Los Angeles-based company - who are working on the special travel pod, which has the potential of speeding up journey times for commuters and travelers by propelling a vehicle through a reduced-pressure tube - are hoping to install the mode of transport in the UK to cut journey times from Edinburgh, Scotland to the British capital of London to just 50 minutes.

In the UK, Hyperloop One have chosen three routes - one which could connect Edinburgh to London and a second that would link Cardiff to Glasgow going via Manchester. The third route, called the Northern Arc, would connect Liverpool to Glasgow with stop off points planned in nearby Manchester then Leeds, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Other routes announced for Europe include connecting Corsica and Sardinia together, a link between Polish cities Warsaw and Wroclaw and cross border travel from Tallinn, Estonia to Helsinki, Finland.

Shervin Pishevar, co-founder and Executive Chairman of Hyperloop One, said: "Europe embraces new ideas in transportation like no other region in the world and is uniquely positioned to take the next great leap in transportation with Hyperloop One.

"Our vision is to, one day, connect all of Europe with our Hyperloop One system, networking the entire continent."

Whilst Josh Giegel, the co-founder of Hyperloop One, added: "We're looking forward to showcasing our technology and believe that Europe is the perfect region for one of the world's first Hyperloop systems."

It comes after Hyperloop One unveiled a 500-metre long test track, which they have built in the Nevada desert, just 30 minutes away from Las Vegas.

Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One, said at the time: "While technology is revolutionising many facets of our lives, we have not seen a radical change in transportation since the Wright brothers introduced air travel over 100 years ago.

"Tying together the Middle East region would produce greater virtual density, without congestion and pollution, spurring innovation, productivity, job growth and more powerful sharing of knowledge, labour and investment. Building a Hyperloop would vastly impact the economy and make any major city in the Gulf Cooperation Council accessible within one hour."

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