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Sleep pods available for busy city workers

A Chinese company have created "sleep pods" for busy city workers to nap on their lunch breaks.

Xiangshui Space have opened nap capsules in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, where a person can pay just $1.50 per half hour to get a good rest before they head back to work.

It is charged to the person via the in-app wallet on WeChat, which is China's most-used messaging app, and each pod comes with a blanket, a USB and power plugs. Entry into the pod can be accessed using a special code to be scanned on a phone.

Han Yue, the start-up's operations manager, said: "Many professionals have a difficult time finding a nice private place to nap."

The firm are planning to expand to the likes of Qingdao, Nanjing and Shenzhen.

However, they have had a setback recently after the pods were temporarily closed over safety concerns less than a month after they were launched.

Beijing police reportedly suspended operations after claiming "the capsules may become a shelter for criminals because users don't need to check in with their ID cards" and could pose a fire risk whilst Shanghai police said the pods were like a hotel but didn't hold the appropriate safety licenses or permits.

Dai Jiangong, CEO of Beijing Xiangshui Technology, said: "Local authorities will allow us to make some adjustments and then reopen. For example, we will install a smoke detector in the capsule. We are also discussing changes to our business model."

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