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MasterSous cooks your food for you

MasterSous, the all-in-one cooking device, does your cooking for you.

The clever kitchen gadget is able to simmer, sear, sauté, boil, steam, slow cook, deep-fry and sous vide, all within a removable pot.

Writing about its features on their Kickstarter page, they shared: "It will simmer, sear, sauté, boil, steam, slow cook, deep-fry and sous vide
 all in a 6-quart, stainless removable steel pot. Cooking with MasterSous means less countertop clutter and easier cleanup after each meal ... For recipes that require constant or occasional stirring, MasterSous is your hands-free assistant. Now you can caramelize onions for an hour without standing over the pot. And if you're making a popular dish like risotto, it's even easier - just select the pre-programmed, one-touch setting and go. You can program the stirring speed and stirring interval. For instance, you can set your grandma's pasta sauce to stir slowly every 2 minutes for 4 hours ...

"The patent-pending MasterSous has a variable-speed stirring mechanism attaches to the removable pot with a powerful, durable magnet, keeping the food in constant motion for even cooking. Right now, MasterSous comes with an attachment used for sautéing and stirring risotto, a second attachment for stirring stews, chilis and sauces and a third attachment circulates water for true sous vide. Future attachments are planned for even more versatility. Attaching and detaching the magnet is effortless and makes cleanup simple."

The MasterSous - which is expected to have a retail price of around $499 - has a "powerful heating element" allowing it to reach more than 450 degrees.

They added: "MasterSous has a big 6-quart removable pot and a powerful heating element that reaches higher than 450 degrees so it can truly deep fry or sear. In addition, it has preset temperature settings for more than eight types of common oil so you can heat oil right up to its smoking point without going over for perfect crispiness and moisture retention."

The gadget can also be controlled from anywhere in the country using a smartphone.

They wrote: "With the MasterSous mobile app, all of the settings available on the machine are at your fingertips. Increase the cook time or temperature, know exactly when your food is done. Keep the food warm or shut it off altogether."

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