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Oculus Go is standalone VR headset

Oculus have unveiled their first standalone virtual reality headset.

The technology company's brand new Oculus Go can be used without a smartphone or computer, giving a true virtual reality experience.

Writing about it on their website, they shared: "Effortlessly enter VR with no PC or wires attached. Oculus Go is an all-in-one VR headset made to fit you. Designed with breathable fabrics, adjustable straps, and our best lenses yet ... Designed with breathable fabrics, Oculus Go is comfortable and fully adjustable. It can even be used with glasses. Crystal-clear optics, integrated spatial audio, and optimized 3D graphics come together to bring your virtual world to life."

The Oculus Go also has a controller to add extra features to the headgear.

They added: "Control in the palm of your hand. Draw constellations in the night sky, cast a fishing line with precision, capture enemies in a multiplayer standoff, and more."

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg has dubbed the new Oculus Go "the most accessible virtual reality experience they've ever built".

Writing on his Facebook page, Zuckerburg revealed: "Today we announced Oculus Go - the most accessible virtual reality experience we've ever built. Oculus Go is a standalone headset that doesn't require you to snap in a phone or attach a cable. It's great for playing games, watching movies, or hanging out with friends. And the price is only $199. It ships early next year.

"I also showed our new Santa Cruz prototype. We're the first company to deliver the complete experience of inside-out tracking on standalone headset and fully tracked controllers. We'll have Santa Cruz in the hands of developers next year. Oculus Go and Santa Cruz will help more people experience virtual reality, and I'm looking forward to getting them in more of your hands."

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