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SKYF drone can carry 250kg

The SKYF drone can carry up to 250kg at a time.

Russian inventors have developed a drone which is able to carry the hefty amount and with smaller loads, it can even travel for eight hours or up to 350km.

They shared on their website: "SKYF is an unmanned aerial carrier platform for vertical take-off and landing. It allows the development of unmanned aerial vehicles of various modifications for the execution of various tasks - from cargo logistics and crop dusting to fire extinguishing. At the moment, the carrying capacity of the platform is up to 250 kg, its flight range is up to 350 km (with a carrying capacity of 50 kg) and its flight duration is up to 8 hours (with a carrying capacity of 50 kg).

"In developing SKYF, engineers started with the needs of the market, not just the desire to create a 'fashionable' device. They interviewed logistics and agribusiness companies, made a list of the technical characteristics required and created exactly the kind of air freight platform that businesses need to execute their tasks. SKYF engineers developed a unique patented aerodynamic design and a new mathematical and control model, equipment and software."

These impressive figures have been achieved by the aerodynamic scheme of "separation of lifting and steering rotors".

They added: "The patented aerodynamic scheme of the SKYF Platform is based on separation of lifting and steering rotors. As a result, the platform demonstrates higher cargo carrying capacity (up to 250 kg) and high flight range (up to 350 km) with a device of relatively moderate size.

"The aerodynamic scheme of the SKYF Platform makes it possible to directly use the energy of internal combustion engine without the need for an electrical hybrid system. This enhances reliability, drives down the price of the device, as well as maintenance costs and the total weight.

"Up to 2 SKYF Platforms may be transported in the Intermodal container (IMC) designed as a 20 ft container in full compliance with ISO 668 standards. SKYF doesn't need any assembling operations after unloading from IMC, and can be ready to fly at 10 minutes."

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