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Cleep is world's first wearable wrist camera

Cleep lets you take pictures straight from your wrist.

The Italian-designed device promises to be the "world's first wearable wrist camera", which allows you to take 150° wide angle photos with the watch-like appliance.

They wrote on their Kickstarter page: "We're a group of young Italian designers with a vision: letting people capture their best memories hands-free, without the clutter of holding smartphones or digital cameras and the stress of looking through a screen all the time. Our path led us to design a camera that you can wear like a bracelet.

"You'll never lose your best moment. Freeze your experiences taking picture and videos straight from your wrist and hands-free with 150° wide angle Full HD camera. Sync and rewatch on your smartphone. The PCBs, electronic components and internal memory are at the bottom.

"A Micro USB re-charging port is on the right side. The Power and Bluetooth/WiFi buttons are on the left side. The Full HD Camera is aligned with the camera lens escape on the front, near the microphone and the flashing LED. The shooting button is on the upper side of the body."

Cleep is expected to retail for 299 euros and is supplied with a micro USB charging cable, power supply and a travel case.

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