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Ford developing car window for blind passengers

Ford are developing a new smart car window to let blind passengers "feel" the view.

The car company have developed a prototype of the window, called Feel the View, which uses high-contrast photos to reproduce scenery using LED lights, which could be used to let visually impaired passengers experience the passing landscape as they travel in a car.

Passengers will be able to use Feel the View by touching the LED display on the window, which will allow them to feel different shades of grey vibrate at different intensities.

In addition to the impressive LED display, the smart window also features a voice assistant that uses artificial intelligence to describe the scenery outside.

According to BBC News, The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) "wholeheartedly supports" the company's effort.

Robin Spinks, innovation manager at RNIB, told the publication: "[It] could contribute to breaking down barriers and making travel more enjoyable and inclusive for people living with sight loss."

Ford's team in Italy have been designing the prototype alongside Aedo, a local start-up company that creates devices for people with visual impairments.

The car manufacturer also released a video showcasing Feel the View, in which a blind woman can be seen tracing the outline of a mountain while an automated voice identifies the image as a "snowy mountain".

A Ford spokesperson said: "We seek to make people's lives better and this was a fantastic opportunity to help blind passengers experience a great aspect of driving."

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