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Google announces Chrome changes

Google has promised to make changes to Chrome after security complaints over the browser.

The company has responded to concerns about how it tracks its users, including both how it stores data about browsing activity in cookies, and how personal data is synced across different devices.

Although Google representatives have said there's nothing for users to be worried about, they hae revealed they'll still be changing Chrome.

Parisa Tabriz, a security team leader at Google, tweeted: "We've had - and appreciate - your feedback from the last few days, and we'll be making some product changes."

In a blog post on Tuesday (25.09.18) it was confirmed that new options and and explanations would be added for Google's interface, while the company will also reverse one cookie-hoarding policy which undermined user's attempts to clear them.

Chome product manager Zach Koch explained: "We recently made a change to simplify the way Chrome handles sign-in. Now, when you sign into any Google website, you're also signed into Chrome with the same account.

"You'll see your Google Account picture right in the Chrome UI, so you can easily see your sign-in status. When you sign out, either directly from Chrome or from any Google website, you're completely signed out of your Google Account.

"We want to be clear that this change to sign-in does not mean Chrome sync gets turned on. Users who want data like their browsing history, passwords, and bookmarks available on other devices must take additional action, such as turning on sync."

He continued: "We're also going to change the way we handle the clearing of auth cookies. In the current version of Chrome, we keep the Google auth cookies to allow you to stay signed in after cookies are cleared. We will change this behavior that so all cookies are deleted and you will be signed out."

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