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Apple fixes 'beautygate' with new iPhone patch

Apple has revealed it will fix iPhone XS selfie smoothing with its latest update.

Once the current beta of iOS 12.1 goes live, the issue will reportedly be fixed after it appeared that the front camera's Smart HDR mode was merging multiple frames at different exposures to created an otpimised image.

Apple has confirmed that the algorithm wasn't choosing the sharpest image as an anchor, which resulted in a loss of texture detail, as reported by CNET.

This in turn creates an image that looks like smoothing on the front camera,

It's said the new patch will fix the problem by selecting a sharper base frame.

The latest report comes after it was revealed the iPhone XR is now available to pre-order.

The latest in the tech giant's smartphone series is very similar to the recently released iPhone XS, but it has an all new 6.1 inch LCD Liquid Retina Display with an impressive resolution of 1792x828, equating to 326 pixels-per-inch - whilst the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max has OLED displays with 458 ppi.

The iPhone XR also features a single, 12MP camera on the back as opposed to the two lenses on the iPhone XS, and also benefits from features like Portrait Mode and Smart HDR.

And there is also a 7MP front camera with a IP67 water resistance rating, plus Face ID support and 4K video capabilities.

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