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Pixel 3 boasts Digital Wellbeing feature

Google's Pixel 3 features Digital Wellbeing to help people use their smartphone less.

The company are keen for people to experience more of the "real world" so they are allowing users to set limits on how much time they can use an app per day, as well as selecting a bedtime that will turn the phone display to grayscale as the time draws closer.

Pixel 3 also features the new Shh gesture, which can enter the device into Do Not Disturb mode by turning it face down, while the Digital Wellbeing Dashboard can show how many notifications have come from each app and how many times the phone has been unlocked in a day.

And Digital Wellbeing isn't the only innovative use of technology within the new handset.

Google Lens allows users to search what they see and, exclusively to Pixel 3, the in-camera Lens suggestions work in real-time on URLs, emails, phone

numbers, addresses, and QR codes by simply pointing the camera.

The Pixel 3 comes in three colours - Clearly White, Not Pink, Just Black - and has what has been dubbed the best camera of any smartphone as new features get the best shot on the first try, thanks to the use of Top Shot, while selfie lovers will love the Group Selfie feature, that has an impressive diagonal field of view that will squeeze a number of people into one picture, without the need for a selfie stick.

The Playground feature uses augmented reality to make photos and videos come to life with superheroes, stickers, captions and Playmoji characters that can react to one another and the user when in selfie mode.

Music fans will love the audio quality of the dual fronted speakers, while the Now Playing feature will tell users at a glance what they can hear in the background of wherever they are, and the Now Playing History lets users revisit the songs they have heard and discover more new music.

And as a YouTube Signature Device, the Pixel 3 is capable of delivering a best-in-class YouTube experience by combining next generation technologies, exceptional video performance, and unparalleled reliability, allowing the user to enjoy vivid HDR videos and fast load times, using less bandwidth.

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