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Iris scanning technology could help refugees access money

Iris scanning technology could be used to help refugees access banking services.

A UK technology firm called IrisGuard has developed a mobile phone that comes complete with iris recognition, which can be used to develop an "absolute biometric" scan of the user, bringing up all their information more accurately than a fingerprint scan.

Imad Malhas, founder of IrisGuard, said: "One iris has more information than ten fingerprints combined. So when you want to have an absolute biometric that will find one person from millions, iris recognition is the only technology that works in real time."

And the technology is set to be used by refugees, who are unable to access any banking services in the country they have sought asylum in, as the scanner will make sure they can access ATM machines based on their iris scans, rather than a traditional card method.

Imad added to the BBC during the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona: "When a refugee is digitised by IrisGuard, the refugee is able to receive funds in a virtual account on an ATM machine, or receive allotments of cash in wallets that are either bank based wallets or mobile wallets, where the refugee can actually have a balance and they can go and use them in various supermarkets, cash-outs, and even in remittance situations.

"For refugees, IrisGuard is providing them with the safety and the dignity to be able to have real banking operations without them being able to open a bank account. With the eye, we're protecting what is rightfully theirs."

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