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Twitter introduces in-app appeals

Twitter has added a new way to appeal against terms of use violations.

The social media platform has introduced a new feature to let users who believe they have been mistakenly locked out of their account submit an appeal against the decision from within the app.

The company has claimed the new tool means it can respond to the appeals 60 per cent faster than before, when people would have to go through an online form found on Twitter's Help Centre.

Twitter revealed in a tweet announcement: "We move quickly to enforce our rules, but sometimes we don't have the full context and can make mistakes.

"To fix that, we added a way for people to appeal our decision in the app and have been able to get back to people 60% faster than before."

Alongside the post was a video example of a user getting locked out of their account after they tweeted "Boom headshot! You don't have a chance! I'm going to kill you this time with a knife."

The user then sent an appeal through the app, explaining that the post was a joke between friends referring to a video game, rather than a real physical threat.

Users can be locked out for a number of reasons, with Twitter having rules against impersonation, harassment, child sexual exploitation and other offensive content.

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