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Snapchat relaunches on Android

Snapchat has been rebuilt for Android.

The video-sharing app was lagging behind iOS but now it has been relaunched and is "way faster", according to the company's executive Jacob Andrea.

He said: "Our ideal goal was that people shouldn't really notice that the app is actually entirely changed up from underneath them, except everything should be way faster."

The new version of Snapchat on Android could also become the first to get new features before iOS.

The latest news from the Snap camp comes after Snapchat's first original multiplayer game was announced.

The company behind the hugely popular social media app unveiled plans for 'Bitmoji Party', which will give users a chance to play a series of lightly challenging mobile mini games.

The game - which is designed to be played by small groups - is seen as a way to attract new users to platform, and then encourage them to spend more time inside the app itself.

Players are cast as their personalised Snapchat avatars in the game - being rolled out around the world - and it can be accessed by hitting the new rocket icon inside the chat window, and then inviting your friends to play.

While the company has confirmed some of the mini games will be able to be enjoyed solo, the use of voice and text chats suggests it is intended as a multiplayer option.

Games included in 'Bitmoji Party' range from users taking the role of zombies trying to infect each other, trying not to fall off a floating pool toy, or even jumping to avoid a big boot aiming to kick them through goal posts.

Meanwhile, Snap hopes to monetise the games with six second adverts which earn virtual currency when watched in full.

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