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Apple expected to announce Dark Mode for iO3

Apple are reportedly set to unveil 'Dark Mode' for iOS 13.

Tim Cook's firm will kick off their Worldwide Developer Conference WWDC on June 3 and a number of changes are rumoured to be coming to the software for the iPhone, iPad, Macs and Apple Watch.

These include 'Dark Mode' - which is grey and black and easier on the eyes - for iPhone and iPads, plus an App Store for Watch.

Elsewhere, there will be a revamped keyboard with an Android feature, of being able to swipe across to type words

According to Bloomberg, details about iOS 14 are also set for 2020 and 5G is a big part of that update.

Apple recently updated their Screen Time feature to fight against iPhone addiction.

The tech giant launched a beta version of iOS 12.2, which allows users to track how long they spend they've been looking at their cell phone and also comes with a new DownTime setting.

Now it's possible to schedule when you want to use certain apps and the time and day.

The update news came after a study found 11 per cent of Westerners have some kind of addiction to their smartphone.

With iOS 13, parents will be able to have tighter controls over what their children see and use.

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