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Uber launches RideCheck feature

Uber has launched its RideCheck feature to detect vehicle crashes.

The ride share app's new feature will use your smartphone's GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and other sensors to detect irregularities - such as a crash or long stop - after a year of testing and refining the system.

The feature is now live in the US - with other countries to follow - and it will alert both riders and drivers when something seems out of the ordinary.

First, a notification checking if everything is OK will give users a list of possible answers, including options to call the authorities of Uber's own safety hotline.

If Uber can verify an accident, the rider will be prompted to dial 911 with the company's safety operators team possibly also checking the rider is safe.

Meanwhile, the feature won't require any new permissions from the riders because it will be linked to the driver's smartphone.

This is in part because they will have the app open more frequently than passengers, who usually let the app run in the background during trips.

The system will also be refined as drivers and rides say they're OK after an alter, which will help RideCheck improve over time as it accounts for things like a dropped phone.

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