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Young people worried about travelling

Nearly half of young people are worried about being able to travel, following the coronavirus pandemic.

A study by Topdeck Travel has revealed that 45 per cent of people are concerned how COVID-19 will affect their future travel, whilst a further 35 per cent of respondents admit they are desperate to switch off from the health crisis.

Over half (53 per cent) of those surveyed admitted they have struggled with their mental health in lockdown and are desperate to get away to have a break. Both money (39 per cent) and education (32 per cent) ranked highly amongst respondents for reasons for their stress.

Charles Knowlton, Topdeck Travel's global general manager, said: "The global pandemic has undoubtedly taken it’s toll on young people. Many are having to change their life plans and have been struggling to look after their mental wellbeing over these last few months. There seems to be a focus on self-improvement amongst the Gen Z, who are taking a step back from careers and making changes to study plans to hone their passions and develop skills during these unprecedented times. Young people are keen to explore the world again and authentic travel experiences play an important role in liberating them from the rules of normal life and providing them with the much-needed release they require. Young Brits need travel plans to look forward to in order to boost their mental wellbeing and switch off from the events that have unfolded over the past months. We’ve been reviewing our operations to ensure we can adapt and operate our trips safely when we get back on the road. We know that these are uncertain times and that restrictions are changing so we’re also providing increased flexibility for all new bookings made."

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