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Iceland named the worst place to drive in the world

Iceland has been named the worst place to drive in the world.

The Nordic country has come out on top of the poll for the Worst Places to Drive in the World in a new study by, followed swiftly behind by Italy and New Zealand.

The countries were ranked based on a number of conditions including the quality of the roads, the number of accidents annually per 100,000 vehicles, the number of motor vehicles per 1000 people as well as the price of fuel per litre in US dollars.

Iceland found itself scoring just 35.69 points out of 100 whilst Italy - which came in second place - managed 39.19 out of 100 points. New Zealand secured 40.90 points.

Meanwhile, Mexico was named the Best Place to Drive in the World, securing 77.30 points out of 100, followed behind by The Netherlands (63.77 points) and Chile (63.36 points).

In the UK, Slough, Derby and Birmingham found themselves named the Worst Places to Drive in England whilst Halton, Telford and Wrekin and Rutland were labelled the best.

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