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People prefer short-haul holidays for regular trips away

People prefer short-haul holidays for regular trips away.

A new study by MIT Senseable City Lab has revealed that people will go away on holiday more often if their destination is much nearer by and if they do go on a long-haul trip, it is few and far between.

Paolo Santi, a research scientist at the Senseable City Lab at MIT and a co-author on the paper, which was published in Nature, said: "What we have found is that there is a very clear inverse relationship between how far you go and how frequently you go there. You only seldom go to faraway places, and usually you tend to visit places close to you more often. It tells us how we organise our lives."

The team behind the paper have described it as a visitation law, which sees people travel further for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities but keep it close to home to get their regular travel fix.

Carlo Ratti, also a co-author of the paper and Senseable City Lab director, added: "We might shop every day at a bakery a few hundred metres away, but we’ll only go once a month to the fancy boutique miles away from our neighbourhood. This kind of intuitive notion had never been empirically tested. When we did it we found an incredibly regular and robust law — which we have called the visitation law."

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