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Millennials worry about their safety when travelling

Millennials are more worried about their safety whilst travelling than anyone else.

Young people - aged between 24 and 34 - are most likely to cancel their trip abroad because of safety. Nearly one third (29 percent) of millennials have done whilst 20 percent of Generation X (aged 35 to 51) compared to 12 percent of Baby Boomers.

And it is important for millennials to stay in contact with their family and friends when they're away, with 45 percent contacting their relatives once a day, a figure that drops to 38 percent for Generation X people and 29 percent of Baby Boomers.

They mostly do this through the phone (39 percent) and Skype (31 percent) and Generation X also prefer phones (44 percent) to Skype (24 percent). Only 17 percent of Baby Boomers use Skype and instead prefer to use the phone (51 percent).

Millennials are more social travellers too, 58 percent travel with others, 43 percent with colleagues and 15 percent with friends or family, which compares to Baby Boomers, where nearly three quarters travel alone and they rarely bring along friends or family (six percent).

Carlson Wagonlit Travel commissioned the Connected Traveller Study, which surveyed 1,900 travellers from all generations from 16 countries.

Julian Walker, Carlson Wagonlit Travel's head of external communications, said: "We see a massive generational shift among the habits of younger travellers - the much-vaunted millennials. Millennials are far more sociable when they travel, love technology and are most concerned about their own personal safety."

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