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British people are creatures of habit whilst travelling

British people are creatures of habit when it comes to travelling.

A study commissioned by British Airways to mark its multi-million pound investment in its World Traveller catering has found that people undertake the same rituals ahead and during their journeys to make sure their holiday goes exactly how they want.

Around 45 percent of Brits will leave their houses early so they can have plenty of time to check-in for their flight with 45 percent of people also confessing to arriving at the airport before their designated check-i desk has even opened.

With nuts one of the most popular freebies handed out by the airline, 28 percent of people confess that they eat more nuts on a plane than they ever would do in normal circumstances.

Carolina Martinoli, director of brand and customer experience at British Airways, said: "Travelling by its very nature requires people to relinquish an element of personal control. So we know it helps people to have routines in place to manage that, be that one person being in charge of the passports, getting to the airport early or being ready at the gate as soon as the flight is called.

"These habits are an important part of the holiday ritual and they don't stop at the airport - in-flight habits such as keeping a phone and money in a pocket or choosing what to eat on-board are all part of it too. This is why our investment in our long haul catering is proving so popular. It caters to all those needs, from the travellers who want to try new food to those who like to squirrel snacks away for later.

"We're delighted with the response we've had to the new catering. We've focused on introducing more quantity and quality. A four-course main meal has been developed by our team of chefs to be full of flavour at 35,000ft and we've created regional options depending on the route. The second meal option is either a tasty sandwich or a more substantial pizza wrap, both served with additional snacks, depending on the length of the flight."

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