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Millennials want adventure

Millennials are looking for more adventure on their vacations.

Younger travellers, between 18 and 25-years-old, want to head out on more "active vacations" and prefer to go for trendy neighbourhoods rather than opt for the tourist attractions.

Jacques Preyser, CEO of Europ Assistance South Africa, said: "Another interesting result from the study is that over 80 percent of millennials surveyed indicated that the best way to have a unique travel experience was to live like a local. The majority of respondents want to stay in accommodations in trendy, local neighbourhoods, rather than close to top tourist attractions; they prefer active vacations, full of exploration; they don't mind traveling by themselves; and they prefer to create their own itinerary, rather than leaving it up to a packaged tour. While all of these factors could potentially make one's holiday away from home riskier, there are ways to encourage more adventurous and spontaneous travel experiences, without compromising on safety and security."

The study also found that millennials think spontaneity is important but doesn't want to take unnecessary risks.

Preyser added: "As a rule, no one should go on holiday without a comprehensive travel insurance policy, because it is critical to have cover in place for instances such as medical emergencies, financial losses due to flight cancellations, having to cut a trip short, or, in extreme cases, death or disability.

"Over and above this, tailoring your policy to include value added services can assist you in getting even more out of your international adventure ... More adventurous and spontaneous travel experiences don't have to be unnecessarily risky, and, by making just a few simple provisions to their insurance policy, more millennials will be able to confidently take on more daring holidays."

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