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GoEuro reveal how it is faster to travel from London to Paris by train than air

It is faster to travel from London to Paris by train than by air.

A new study by travel company, GoEuro, has found multiple European routes where it would be faster to travel on a train or a bus than opting to take to the skies.

London to Manchester is faster by train as is Brussels to London. It may also be faster to take a train to Amsterdam from London or when travelling from Amsterdam to Paris.

Heading to Paris from London by train saves over three and a half hours whilst travelling by train from Brussels to Paris is nearly three hours quicker.

Travelling by train also usually means lower carbon emissions than travelling by air.

Naren Shaam, founder and CEO of GoEuro, said: "Whilst passengers may be aware that it is greener to travel by train or bus, some people might be surprised to find out that it is also faster than flying. Particularly if you're travelling for a short break it can really pay to research the options and check out end-to-end journey times. With GoEuro it's easy for travellers to compare all three modes in one search and find the best option to suit their needs, whether that's based on time, cost or the view out of the window!"

It comes after it was revealed Prague is the greenest city in the world as it is the city with the biggest percentage of green space.

Fiona Vanderbroeck, Chief Traveller Officer at TravelBird, said: "The World Health Organisation has reported that urban green spaces help individuals to feel more relaxed, reduce stress levels and also help protect against harmful pollutants. With many of our travellers seeking refuge from the grind of their daily routine, the thought of a city break might have once seemed contradictory to the idea of a relaxing vacation - but this index, highlighting the various green cities around the world, proves otherwise."

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