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Why people hate hearing about their friends' vacations

People hate hearing about their friends' vacations because they get envious.

A study has found that people don't mind if you talk about something you've done - as long as they have done similar and can relate - otherwise sharing something unique that you did on your trip doesn't go down so well.

In the 'The Unforeseen Cost of Extraordinary Experience' study, it was revealed that if you share your experience whilst on a more unusual holiday - such as going on a safari or trekking up a mountain - you end up "reclaiming more joy than you provide". And when sharing about their extraordinary experience, people believed their pals would be excited to hear about this but in reality, it was the opposite.

It comes after it was revealed that travellers are looking for experiences whilst abroad.

Leigh Barnes, Intrepid Travel's regional director for North America, said: "Intrepid Travel has seen a 66 percent increase in bookings from North Americans on our authentic, experience-rich trips in the past two years alone. There is a trend in people looking to have more of a sense of purpose, and they are now using experiential travel as a way to achieve this."

Whilst Diana Ditto, director of product design for Collette, added: "Our explorations growth has been up year-over-year. We know that the added bonus of having a tour manager far outweighs the benefits of traveling alone, but what many don't know is how much goes into finding the perfect experiences for our guests. Our tour designers spend over 100 days on the road, creating unique experiences that just can't be booked through research."

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