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Multigenerational travel is increasingly popular

Multigenerational travel is becoming increasingly popular.

Families are choosing to go away together more and more now, with 68 per cent of these being taken abroad. Europe was the most popular destination for multigenerational trips, with the UK also popular amongst respondents too.

The study, by, also found there was a "typical" holiday, which consisted of a week away in Spain in July, costing between £250 and £500 per person. There were around five to 10 people in the travel party and they flew there and stayed in a hotel, which is part of a chain.

However, there were some issues with multigenerational travel - including that people felt they had to compromise in order to please everyone that was on the holiday.

One respondent said: "Other holidays you have more freedom to do what you want, with multigenerational travel, you have to make concessions so everyone is happy."

Whilst another added: "Having to accommodate people who want to do different things, it's more difficult to come up with an itinerary that suits everyone, and also choosing places to eat to suit everyone."

A third shared: "I enjoy outdoor activities but with a young child it's difficult. My parents normally look after our child so me and my partner can have an adventurous break. We cook a lot more on family holidays."

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