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China is the world's top travelling nation

China is the world's top travelling nation.

Residents of the Asian city spent a whopping $257.7 billion on tourism, much higher than its closest ranking of the United States of America, where the spend was at $135 billion. However, US residents tend to travel further - with 227 air miles for each member of the population compared to just 65 for the Chinese.

In third place was Germany, where the spend was $89.1 billion and a total of 285 air miles, with the United Kingdom coming fourth with 271 air miles per person and a total of a $71.4 billion spend on tourism.

When it comes to destinations, residents of the US tend to stay fairly local, with 35.1 million people heading down south over the border to Mexico every year and a further 14.3 million heading north of the border to Canada. Just five million people make it to Europe, visiting countries such as the UK and France. Conversely, residents of the UK like to travel further a field for their holidays, with popular destinations including the likes of Spain (15.9m) and France (8.86m).

Josh Hancock, a spokesperson for Get Going, said: "Travel around the world seems easier than it ever has been, and more and more nations seem to be holidaying further afield than in years gone by. The research is a good way to look at where money is being spent and who is benefiting from it."

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