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Travel spending money goes further in Spain

Travel spending money goes further in Spain.

Holidaymakers wishing to get more bang for their buck are advised to head to Spain after shared the best value resorts for those visiting Spain this summer (2019).

In Lanzarote, your Euros will give the best value, followed closely behind by Gran Canaria and Costa Blanca. Costa Dorada is the most expensive destination.

Writing about the Costa Blanca in their report, they shared: "The Costa Brava is the northernmost destination and therefore logically it has the shortest summer season of all the Costas, when tourist attractions and amenities are open and the weather is warm and sunny. Average weekly rates in the shoulder season of June and September are 40-53% less than August rates. The second half of September is considered low season on the Costa Brava, the most northerly Costa in this report, and therefore some tourist attractions and amenities may be closed. Families can save between 12 to 23 per cent by booking in late July or the last week of August, compared to peak rates in August."

Meanwhile, Costa Dorada is much more expensive, with prices as high as £1,046 in the peak season.

They shared: "The Costa Dorada, also known and the Gold Coast, generally experiences a Mediterranean climate that has two major seasons: a hot and humid summer and a chilly winter - perfect for the cava and wine vineyards in the region. The Costa Dorada is one of the most expensive, but also the Costa with the biggest discounted rates during the summer months. Prices drop by more than 60% in early June and late September, compared to peak season in August. Families who book a holiday at the beginning or end of the school summer holidays can save between 24 to 29 percent off peak season prices in August - the biggest saving of the Costas. With one of the highest peak season rates, and one of the cheapest shoulder season rates, the Costa Dorada has the greatest price disparity during the summer months, ranging from £406 - £1,046.

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